Caboolture has become the capital of Sport Aviation in Australia and membership has many rewards to offer. Facilities and benefits available at Caboolture Airfield include:

  • · No landing fees,
  • · No tie-down fees,
  • · Low cost hangarage,
  • · Fuel supplies,
  • · Maintenance facilities,
  • · Flights and training available in general aviation aircraft, gliders, ultralights, microlights, helicopters, balloons and skydiving,
  • · Nearby accommodation,
  • · Warplane museum,
  • · A variety of home-based from all fields of aviation,
  • · Hassle-free flying in a very scenic environment.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will promptly get back in touch. If you wish to apply for membership, call by at the Caboolture Aero Club and pick up a Membership form, or simply

click here to download a PDF of the application form.

Applic Form Small

Present membership rates are contained in the application form. Please note that a maintenance levy may apply to some levels of membership.

Refer to the ‘Contact Us’ page  for more information.

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